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Photo of Lake Maggiore
The Lombardy is o­ne of the most beautiful and varied regions of Italy. Not o­nly the many beautiful lakes such as Lake Garda or the famous Lago Maggiore fascinate every year many tourists who are enjoying their holidays there, also the beautiful Alpine scenery makes it to o­ne of the most popular holiday destinations throughout Europe.

Dome, Milan
In the middle of this breathtaking nature beneath the Alps, you find the region of Varese with its same-named capital. Varese is known for its richness in culture and history, which can be easily recognized in a number of architectural marvels of past centuries. The Palazzo Estense, which was built in the 18th Century or the Palazzo Pretorio, whose construction has already begun in the 16th Century, are o­nly a few interesting sights in Varese.

Varese is definitely worth a visit.

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