Brescia City
Lombardy is a beautiful place in Northern Italy with many things to see and the hometown of Pope Paul VI. o­ne of the most popular sites in Lombardy, and the second largest city after Milan, is Brescia. Brescia is a hard-working town that has earned itself the name "The Lioness of Italy." This moniker comes from a popular uprising that lasted ten days. Brescia is a place with a deep heritage and a rich culture of art that has developed over a long history. Brescia has been around since prehistoric times.

Capitolino Temple
With fountains, piazzas, museums, churches, and the like, Brescia offers a wide assortment of activities to keep travelers interested. Tempio Capitolino is the site of ancient Roman ruins. More specifically, this is the site of what used to be Brescia's forum during the times of the Roman Empire was constructed by an emperor named Vespasian. Another popular attraction is Old and New Duomo. This is an interesting church that was constructed before the Renaissance. The incredible stone dome is the most awe-inspiring feature of the church, followed closely by the twelfth century crucifixes. The city's cathedral is located right next to this historical site. It was constructed o­ne-hundred and fifty years ago and includes Italy's third largest dome.

Roman Ruins
Another attraction that travelers enjoy is the town's Castle. This castle was built before the Roman Empire. The last fortification occurred under the direction of Venetian overlords in the sixteenth century. This stronghold is the home to an armory museum from the Risorgimento. The Risorgimento was Italy's first real war of independence and resulted in the unification of the state. Beautiful views of the Valtrompia, Alps mountain range, and city skyline can be enjoyed from this structure.

Brescia is an incredible place to vacation for anyone who enjoys Italian history and culture.