Lake Como

Lake Como
Beautiful Lake Como, located in western Lombardy in the Italian Lake District, is o­ne of Italy's largest lakes. Lake Como is known for its unusual shape: it consists of three long, thin branches, so that o­n the map it resembles an upside-down "Y." The immediately adjacent area contains no very large cities, but rather a great deal of natural beauty, including rivers and streams, woodlands, and mountains, as well as small towns. Its majestic scenery, mild climate, charming culture, and diverse wildlife have lent it renown as a vacation spot, and the lake has attracted many wealthy and famous individuals over the years, from the Roman emperors to Romantic poets to movie and music stars of our own time. In response to this demand, a large tourism industry has developed around the lake, and travelers from Italy and beyond visit Lake Como to take in the sights, relax in the spas, or enjoy themselves o­n the water.

Lake Como takes its name from the city of Como, which lies o­n the southwestern shore of the lake. Como features many attractions for visitors to the area, as do the other inhabited areas along the lake, which include (but are not limited to) Lecco, Colico, Bellagio, and Tremezzo. Many historical villas dot the landscape, such as Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo.

Menaggio Ferry
Not far from Como is the "Sacred Mountain" of Ossuccio, featuring fifteen Baroque chapels, each dedicated to o­ne of the Mysteries of the Rosary, dating from the seventeenth and early eighteenth century. In addition, Ossuccio affords a beautiful view and is surrounded by tranquil olive groves.

Another Lake Como destination is Comacina, a lovely island with a number of historical sights. It can be easily reached via the ferry system which connects all parts of the lake to o­ne another.