Lake of Varese

One can expect to find a wide degree of diversity at the Lake of Varese. Historians and archaeologists have uncovered much evidence that it provided a home for the first civilizations of the province of Varese. The lake dates back to prehistoric times where it was formed by glacial movements. Now it is fed by several springs that feed directly into the bottom and its own basin.

Wildlife is plentiful in the area. Many species of frogs, toads, and birds call Lake of Varese their home territory. This includes several rare and endangered species that nest throughout the reeds that ring the lake.

Isolina Virginia is the sole island that sits in the lake. It is not alone as the Lake of Varese is ringed by several towns. These people call the area home much like their Neolithic counterparts. It is easy to see why with the lush landscapes and beautiful scenery the surrounding area affords residents and travelers.

The lake itself is quite shallow and rather unremarkable in comparison to other lakes. Those that established towns did so in the surrounding hills, not directly o­n the shores of the lake itself. Where Lake of Varese lacks in power and force, it performs in humility. The glassy surface offers grand reflections of the scenery that surrounds it. Though it does not compete with its sister lakes, Lake of Varese offers plenty of personality o­n its own. It is an ideal place to seek quiet reflection in the majesty of nature.