Piazza Monte Grappa

Planning a trip to Varese, Italy? Do you desire to see the famous sights of Varese, in the Lombardy region? Maybe it's a priority o­n your list to see ancient Italian Christian sites and architecture. Or perhaps you need to find a place that is central to Varese, where you can access the many different attractions of the area. If so, look no further than Piazza Monte Grappa, the centre of the city of Varese. Piazza is the Italian word used for "town square". Monte (meaning Mountain) Grappa (meaning crag in a pre-latin language) is the name of a nearby mountain.

If you are planning your trip to Lombardy with a vehicle in mind, it would be good to know that Piazza Monte Grappa is the center of traffic in Varese. If you want to avoid the traffic, you may first want to park it at Autosilo Piazza Repubblica, which is located under "LE CORTI" shopping centre.

Once at Piazza Monte Grappa, you will see modern architecture as well as a tower. From here you can also access the arcaded Corso Matteotti, Varese's “main street”. This will then lead you to the famous Piazza del Podestà.

Standing a little to the east, you can see the church of San Vittore, built to Pellegrino Tibaldi's design (1580-1615). The church's architectural form includes a Neo-Classical facade from 1795 and a campanile, circa 1617-1773, which is 72 m/238ft high. Behind the church is a baptistery, built in 1185-87.

Among others, attractions near Piazza Monte Grappa include Campo dei Fiori (hiking and scenic views), Castiglione Olona (castle), Colle dei Campigli (archeological ruins), and Fort of Sibrium (great place to see costume exhibits and manor houses). Also, you are not far from main areas in Varese such as the Tribunal, Insubria University, and the Municipality.